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JLTcard VingCard Key Cards

We have the VingCard key cards as one of the many products JLTcard makes,. They are commonly used in the hospitality industry to unlock VingCard electronic locking systems.  As such, they help control how people access hotels, resorts, and other various accommodations.

JLTcard knows that you would want quality VingCard key cards. That is exactly what you get from us. That is not all, we also make them reliable. This means the cards will always work each time you need them to open a door or any other application. Talking of applications, it is still good for other uses, such as fitness centers, elevators, pools, and more, in addition to hotel management.

JLTcard VingCard Key Cards Series

The JLTcard VingCard key cards are some of the top choices that people would get from us. However, did you know that there are several options for such keycards? Here are the types of VingCard key cards.

Mifare 1K VingCard

The Mifare 1K Ving Card features smart card technology that was developed by NXP Semiconductors. This card operates on a frequency of 13.56mHz and uses the ISO 14443 standard. Because of its functionality, it is good for hotel locks and sometimes the transportation sector.

Mifare Ultralight EV1 VingCard

This option from JLTcard will also work well for short-range contactless communication, such as opening a door. This is still part of the Mifra RFID cards that offer reliability and cost-effectiveness in one package.

Mifare 4K VingCard

The JLTcard VingCard key cards such as this one offer specialized Mifare 4K technology that can be integrated with the VingCard locking systems. This technology offers secure and still convenient access control mostly in the hospitality industry. The overall security of these cards is also worth mentioning since it is quite good.

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JLTcard VingCard Key Cards Features

  • Small in size

    The JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards are good in terms of size. You may be carrying other cards such as bus cards, credit cards, and others, and you would like the key cards to be easy to carry too. We use the standard dimensions of a credit card size to help deliver on small-sized cards.

  • PVC/PET material
    PVC/PET material

    JLTcard Ving Card can be made of various materials. Our top materials are PVC and PET materials. You can be sure that we will have the right material even for regular use of the key cards. You may use the key cards without worrying they will break easily.

  • Impressive speed
    Impressive speed

    The JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards have a reading time of 1 to 2 milliseconds. That is fast for any person hoping to use such key cards. So, it should not take long before you have access to a room or facility.

  • Reading range
    Reading range

    The JLTcard VingCard key cards also come with a good reading range of 2 to 10 cm. This is thanks to the operating frequency of 13.56MHz. Unlike some other brands, we make sure that actually operates just as we say.

JLTcard VingCard Key Cards Function

  • Room Access

    The JLTcard Ving Card remains a top choice because it is good for room access functionality. You can use it for guest room access, hotel key cards, and so much more. Once programmed, the card can work well to unlock specific doors.

  • Keyless Entry
    Keyless Entry

    The JLTcard VingCard key cards can offer keyless entry to various rooms to which the card is assigned. No need for the guests to insert the keys into a lock to unlock it. With a simple tap on the door, it will open, making it easy to use.

  • Security And Authorization

    The JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards are also known for their security. We like how customers give us feedback that the cards are secure. So, this means you can use them to provide better security and only authorized access to rooms.

  • Multiple Access Levels
    Multiple Access Levels

    The JLTcard Ving Card can be what you are looking for when you want multiple access levels programmed into the key cards. As an example, one staff member can have multiple access to different rooms with just one card.

JLTcard VingCard Key Cards Advantages

Enhanced security
Enhanced security

The JLTcard Ving Card key cards are better in terms of security compared to the other RFID cards you may get in the market. We have been consistently working on improving the key card encryption and overall performance. So, you are assured of the best security.


The JLTcard VingCard key cards are quite convenient for anyone looking to own them for their organization. We find them convenient as they are simple to use. All you have to do is tap and go. It is that simple compared to other access card types that might need swiping.


Flexibility is also another reason for choosing these cards. This is because of how many places such cards can be used for access control, staff cards, and much more. It comes down to how much control is given to the card based on its programming. It is nice to know that the cards are versatile.

Ease of Integration

Now that you want to buy the JLTcard VingCard key cards, should you also upgrade the overall infrastructure too? You do not need to make any changes to your infrastructure. We recommend that you stick to the existing infrastructure and keep using the new key cards. It is definitely going to save you money.

Customizable Designs

The JLTcard VingCard key cards are versatile, so we have to cater to the needs of many of our customers. That is why we are always open to helping you get the right design. When you work with us, the design will be what you like. This may include choosing the right colors, shapes, and so much more.

Of course, different companies have different colors too. Count on JLTcard to work with your brand on that. We will ensure you get the best design that will deliver the best performance still. Having worked with various brands before, we can still help you customize the key cards better if you have no idea where to start.

Customizable Designs

Why Choose JLTcard VingCard Key Cards

Why Choose JLTcard RFID Card02
Why Choose JLTcard Mifare Ultralight C Card

JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards are based on the company’s reputation and reliability. JLTcard has a reputation of making reputable products, including VingCard key cards. As such, this makes us a good choice for companies that need a reliable supplier.

Compatibility is still the reason you would get yourself the key cards too. We know that they are compatible, so there is no need to overhaul the whole RFID system you have in place already. The cards are simply plug-and-play.

Competitive pricing will also be another key reason for getting our key cards. The VingCard key cards are within the affordable range. Even if we can get you the key cards at an affordable rate, we still ensure they work great and remain reliable.

Experienced Manufacturer
Experienced Manufacturer

JLTcard is an experienced manufacturer of Ving Card key cards. As a brand, we have decades of experience, which puts us in a unique position to deliver on the user needs. We have continually worked on improving the RFID technology to the point where we now have a variety of products, such as the VingCard key cards.

The JLTcard still features the best customer support team with great knowledge of our products, including VingCard key cards. It is possible that you may be unsure about such cards before buying. Our support team should give you all the information necessary to help you decide if these key cards are good for your needs.

Fast Turnaround

JLTcard promises fast turnaround time on VingCard RFID key cards once the order has been placed. We can easily start the production once we have agreed on what you want the cards to look like and their functionalities. Our large production capacity has generally made it easy for many people to enjoy our fast turnaround service.

You would be able to track the progress of your order because our support team will remain open to answering your questions. If you send an email, our reply time is mostly within a few hours up to 24 hours. However, you may consider calling us, and we will help promptly.

JLTcard VingCard Key Cards Applications

Hotel Key Card
Hotel Key Card

This is probably the most common use of the JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards. This is where you can have the guests in a hotel enjoy an easy time getting into the hotel and checking out too. It also helps them secure their belongings.

Parking Facilities
Parking Facilities

The JLTcard VingCard RFID key cards are definitely great for parking facilities. You may find it easy to control the parking facilities you own when the users have their own access cards. These key cards are vital for opening the gates or barriers.

Event Spaces
Event Spaces

There is so much to the JLTcard VingCard key cards other than controlling how people get into hotel rooms. We also recommend them for managing event spaces. These keycards would be programmed to allow access to the event if the cards are authorized.

Staff Access
Staff Access

Having to operate a company sometimes means working with many people. So, your staff members could use the key cards to access the premises and ensure no one other than those authorized can enter the business premises.

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